SkyLam Software is a division of Quality Programming Corporation, a Florida-based company dedicated in providing the most qualifying software at the lowest prices promised. With a group of networking, programming, database and windows experts.  We design the best Internet, Productivity, Security and Utilities software for both Home, Business, Educational and Corporate users. We also donate and design FREE softwares for school and education institute as we want the community to do better.  At SkyLam, we don't count money, we count results!

Founder:  Joseph Lam

Joseph founded SkyLam Software in the year 1997.  He first developed an application called Disable PLUS, a security tool that was widely adopted by numerous users because of its easy-to-use interface and superior amount of features included.  During the time of developing Disable PLUS, Joseph founded several computer experts around the world by using ICQ, those computer experts have then worked with Joseph to continue the development of Disable PLUS.

In the late 1998, Joseph developed yet another application, the software which is called Intelli-Dial-UP produced an unexpected amount of popularity and defined a new way of software.  Intelli-Dial-UP, a free utility for speeding up anyone's internet connection up to 500% fasters, has been featured in a variety of magazines and websites all around the world, especially the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and China.

In early 2001, Joseph sold complete ownership of Skylam Software to Quality Programming Corporation. Joseph is still available on a daily basis to help in all areas of the company and welcomes any correspondence.