Hit Generator 2.0
The most affordable and easiest way to get top search engine rankings for your website!

Ever wonder how some sites rank high on the search engines for keywords that don't even appear on their web pages?  How they could get those rankings with pages that look like they shouldn't rank at all?  No more wondering! Hit Genterator feeds the search engines optimized pages without affecting your website's appearance.

SkyLam Hit Generator is the first stealth technology search engine ranking website software that is combined with an easy-to-use interface allowing even a computer beginner to use the software.

Hit Generator works by presenting different web pages depending on who or what is requesting the page over the Internet. Most often these systems are used to send a Search Engine "friendly" version of a web page, while presenting a "consumer" version of the page to your human visitors.

Hit Generator offers website owners the perfect solution to Optimize and Protect their websites. With it's IP based delivery and cloaking system Hit Generator is designed to help you get the best Search Engine results possible and keep them.

Hit Generator's system is guaranteed to be unstopable and when used properly, virtually undetectable. Now webmasters can Optimize webpages for various Search Engines without compromising the look and feel of your website which result in SALES.

With Hit Generator you can prevent your competitors from stealing your website's source code. 100% guaranteed to protect your source code from webpage grabbing tools.

No more pagejacking tactics which the Federal Trade Commission is actively persuing violations. Hit Generator is a powerful tool, when used effectively you can maximize your website's position for each Search Engine.

Hit Generator will update your system with a click of a button. Once updated in your system you can review Search Engine additions prior to adding to your list.

This is the easiest way to secure great rankings affordably!

  • Ability to keep your well designed webpages that were built for humans without lowering your position on the Search Engines.
  • Feeds the Search Engines pages built just for them.
  • Sends different optimized webpages to specified Search Engines.
  • Prevents your competitors from stealing the HTML code that made you rank so high. If they do steal your home pages meta tags and keywords, they may actually rank lower... another plus for you.
  • Built in template generator helps you make pages based on algorithms that have ranked well for us.
  • Easy user friendly interface for administration.
  • Resides on your server, runs 24/7, which gives you total control.
  • IP based for the best reliability and security.
  • No limit to what Search Engines that this program can handle.
  • Constantly growing IP database.
  • Real time, easy to read logging shows hits, spiders, and more.
  • Makes it impossible for competitors to view  your optimized webpages.
  • Total control over which Search Engines are used.
  • Unlimited support. Online help.
  • IP list updates, program updates, free hosting of Hit Generator included in low cost maintenance plan.
  • Distinguishes a Search Engine according to it's  IP or Agent name.
  • Full transparency: Each Search Engine will have a separate highly Optimized webpage.
  • Auto Learn Capabilities: It learns new Search  Engines that visit your site, and gives you the opportunity to add them.
  • Auto Software Upgrade: Software Automatically updates with the click of a button. Why be stuck with old versions?
  • Auto Spider IP Database Upgrade: IP Spider database updates with the click of a button.
  • Redirect feature: You can install Hit Generator on another website and redirect the customers to your main site. (Search Engines instead will see this as a 100% different site).
  • Available Versions for both Unix and NT servers.

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