General Compatibility Statement

Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP and the associated media files used for setup are industry standard. Thus Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP should not harm any computer or its operating system. Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP does nothing to the Kernel of the operating system.  Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP does not replace any dlls associated with Internet Explorer, Netscape, MegaBrowser or any other program.

Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP is programmed in Visual Basic and the Visual Basic runtime files are the only files that may be replaced during the installation.  It is highly recommended that you close all running programs prior to installation.  This includes anti-virus programs or other programs that may automatically start when your computer is booted up.

Advanced Editor Settings.

You may want to use the Advanced Editor to tweak your settings even further. Below is the information regarding the advanced editor:

MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) MTU determines how your computer sends and receives information as it breaks the information into packets of data. Your network is expecting packets of certain length and you pick a larger packet size, your computer will be forced to break the packets into smaller pieces, which slows down your connection. On the other hand, if your ISP is sending you big packets of information, and you have a selected a small packet size, you force your ISP to break his packets into smaller pieces, which can also slow down your connection. Sample Analog Modem Value: 576.  Sample DSL or Cable Modem Value: 1500.  Although this can vary and you should experiment.

The RWIN (Receive Window) value determines how much data the receiving computer is ready to receive. After you select the MTU settings in step 1, Accelerate 2K2 will select a RWIN setting for you. 4 x MS and 6 x MS are good settings for Windows 98. 8 x MS and 10 x MS are best settings for Windows NT and Windows 2000. There is also a manual setting. Feel free to experiment with this setting.

Set Time To Live (TTL) value
This setting specifies how many "hops" your Internet connection will attempt. The Windows default is 32. If you find that you have difficulty connecting to sites or systems on the Internet, then a higher setting is recommended.

Old Installer Error

Issue: An "install a windows service pack that contains a newer version or windows installer." error appears

Solution: You can usually select OKAY and just bypass this error,  The installation will continue and Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP will work fine.

Can't Find Registry Error

Some users have reported a "can't find registry error" during installation of Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP.

The below procedure can be used to assist all users experiencing a can't find registry problem.  To solve this problem, please follow the procedures below:  

1. Click on start, go to run and type in regedit
2. Expand the treeview until it reaches:
3. New String Value
4. Type in  MaxMTU as value name, and 576 as value data
5. Expand the treeview again until it reaches:
6. New String Value
7. Type in DefaultRcvWindow as value name, and 6096 as value data
8. Expand the treeview again until it reaches:
9. New String Value
10.Type in DefaultTTL as value name, and 64 as value data
11. Close regedit and restart computer

Reported Win98 issue: Had a problem with your instructions. In step 4 there was no 0001 listed after NetTrans. There was 000 listed so did the corrections under 000. In step 5 there was already a "DefaultRcvWindow but the value was "N/A" so I put the value of 6096 in at tat point. In step 10 also had the Default TTL but no data value so I put in 64. Then rebooted.

Solution: Add 0001 under NetTrans accordingly and the software should work correctly.

Anti-Virus Program Incompatibility Issue

Issue: Some users have reported a bug in some anti-virus programs that cause problems with Internet Explorer when Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP is installed.  

Solution: Make sure all programs are closed prior to installing Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP.  This is a problem with the anti-virus program not with Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP.  Unfortunately, we cannot fix a foreign program.  Users have reported that this problem is avoided by closing all programs prior to installation.

Network Installation Issue

Issue: The executable file for installation opens correctly (InstallShield Wizard opens and begins to run) but as soon as it starts the install an error message pops up: <Error 1327. Invalid Drive: F:\>. It thens refuses to install and forces you to "Finish" and close down the install.

Solution: Please make sure the Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP executable program is located on your local physical hard disk. If you are installing from a network drive, please make sure you have all of the necessary privileges to run a program installation from a network drive.


Answer: No.  Skylam Intelli-Dial-UP should only be run when you change your connection type.