Share files by hosting your own Websites and FTP sites free!!

MegaBrowser your one Must-Have Freeware download is here.

Megabrowser is a Swiss Army knife of new technology, crafted from scratch and wrapped in a usability bow. Megabrowser lets you walk away from the generic plain-vanilla Internet Explorer experience while giving you the ability to FTP files and host your own websites.

Meanwhile... Megabrowser's peer-to-peer networking & breakthrough use of Resource-Miser coding means you can host your own websites on your personal computer with NO web-hosting fees. Be online, up and running... tonight. With a few keystrokes... put your company, favorite charity, softball team, city or town online, too. Your websites can conduct credit card e-commerce transactions securely... all right from your very own PC.

When surfing, Megabrowser's tabbed website interface, kicks into multiple-view mode while remaining resource stingy. Open more website tab windows, or do other work while leaving the tab windows open so you can flip between them. Save your favorite tab window combinations in Tab sets that can be named for easy recall. Plus MegaBrowser's SPEED search bar easily finds what you are looking for. Welcome to the world of speed-surfing for websites, ftp sites, mp3 files, or pictures. Use the personalities menu to completely change MegaBrowser's look.

It's one click easy to view a custom browser for the kids, a sports browser... or one that pertains to your business. Opportunities are open to become an editor of your own personality. We are seeking editors to build up personalities for every industry and city. Great tools to increase income, fund raise or increase awareness for your pet charity.

You'll know more about it once you try it, but another great feature called FETCH is built-in. Fetch can build a tree of any website you surf. Click on the tree branches for faster navigation. It'll slice, it'll dice, it's FREE-WARE... but there's more.

Stop paying web site hosting fees. Create instant FTP sites using Megabrowser's powerful F-LANE advanced peer-to-peer features. MegaBrowser contains none of the spyware associated with many of the peer-to-peer networks. You knew someone would think of this. Using Megabrowser, simply store sites in the directory of your choice on your own laptop\office\or home computer. Select Megabrowser domain names for your site at Then... simply tell Megabrowser where to find your files, the name you've chosen, and Megabrowser will redirect Internet surfers to the directory on your computer. Any speed internet connection or ISP will work (AOL, Netzero & MSN have all been tested). As long as you keep your computer on line, your site can be viewed live on the internet. When you OK it, surfers can download and/or upload files to your FTP sites.

MegaBrowser is safe. No need to worry about your computer's security because only your chosen directories are accessible.

Megabrowser's SmartIP technology tracks your computer's unique Megabrowser IP address. In milliseconds Megabrowser knows your computer's online, ready, & opens a path to your sites. When you're using your computer, Megabrowser stays in the background... stingy with your resources, but available in your system tray... so you can always check on it without Megabrowser getting in the way. The biggest technology breakthrough... Megabrowser's Free.

The World's First Peer-To Peer Browser that:

  • Turns your personal computer into a powerful web server.
  • Enables you to host your own websites and ftp sites right on your PC with NO hosting fees and no annoying banners. Your personal computer houses your website and FTP sites.
  • No need for a fixed public ip address! MegaBrowser uses your randomly assigned ip address every time you connect to the Internet. Its SmartIP(tm) technology means you don't have to do any IP configuration.
  • Works with ALL connections - 14.4K, 28.8K, 56K, ISDN, America Online, Cable Modem, Satelli te Dish, ALL phone modems, even DSL. Regardless of what speed connection you have, you can ho st your own sites.
  • Supports modems and Internet connections of all types and all brands.
  • Supports all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including AOL, MSN, Earthlink, @Home and ot hers. It makes no difference how you access the Internet.
  • Supports most Windows operating systems including Windows 95, Me, 98, 98SE, NT, and 2000 < /li>
  • At your option, you can simply install Perl on your personal computer and use MegaBrowser' s advanced CGI capabilities to utilize standard CGI programs.
  • Supports SSL for secure online transactions.
  • Its FREE and easy to install and use.
Simply Download MegaBrowser and your computer takes on the power of a massive web server. You define which directories on your computer are open to web surfers. Here is how it works:
  1. Download MegaBrowser and install it (only 1.4MB - requires Internet Explorer).
  2. Fill in the simple user registration form and select your network user name.
  3. Once you register, your browser will automatically go online. Congratulations. You are n ow a MegaNode! More Detailed Explanation
Now you can host your own Websites and FTP sites on your PC. Here's how:
  1. Purchase a MegaBrowser domain name for $10 per y ear. Although MegaBrowser domain names are special domains, your sites can easily be accessed by any Internet user (see Knowledgebase for details). You can also associate your standard .c om/.net/.org/.biz/.info/etc. names with your MegaBrowser domain names. That means that your f irst level domain names will work the same as they do when your website is hosted by a hosting company. There is nothing more to buy and no other fees!.
  2. Choose the directories on your PC that you want to house your website or ftp site. Assign your chosen MegaBrowser domain name to that site by entering the domain into the site's prefer ences.
  3. Place your website files or ftp files inside the chosen directories.
Congratulations! Now anyone can access your site! Its that easy.

Additional reasons to enjoy MegaBrowser.

Using MegaBrowser does not replace your current Internet Explorer. MegaBrowser is a stand-a-l one browser that utilizes the core of the Internet Explorer engine to bring you features not a vailable elsewhere. In addition to MegaBrowser's powerful hosting functionality, you'll enjoy these enhanced features.

Browser Tabs

Other browsers usually make you open multiple browser sessions if you want to access more than one website at a time. Not MegaBrowser! Using MegaBrowser's handy Tabs, you can view multip le websites without running the program multiple times. Simply open a new Tab for each website you want to view.


Now you can save your favorite Tab combinations to Tabsets. Simply select File-->Save Tabset and name it. Use File-->Open Tabset to open your named Tabsets and view your pre-defined webs ite combinations.


View all of a website's hyperlinks without navigating through each of the website's pages. Th en simply select the desired hyperlink from the Fetch window it will load.


MegaBrowser contains a library of categorized personalities. When you select a personality, th e entire browser becomes that personality. For example: If you select the Kid's Personality, t he browser becomes a kids browser. Even the browser appearance changes.

Password Protection

Personalities that contain mature content can be password protected.


Enjoy our robust MegaMail web mail system. Retrieve and send email from anywhere.


Use the MegaBrowser search engine to search for MegaBrower websites, MegaBrowser ftp sites, an d the rest of the web.