SkyLam NetCort Internet Transfer Technology!

We have always been the head of internet optimization technology since our cooperation with WiseNetwork Internet Communications.  This time, we have worked again with WiseNetwork and are developing a new technology named "NetCort Internet Transfer Technology", this technology will saturate every bit of your modem and web browser to give you the fastest internet connection available.  It will also combine advanced image compression and server side optimization.  Stay tune for the next release of Intelli-Dial-UP and experience the next level of internet surfing!   


Technology Manager of SkyLam Software

John Lam

New SPEED - "NetCort Internet Transfer Technology"

SkyLam New NITT Technology will boost up your internet connection more! A benchmark we did indicated if you apply the NITT Technology with our existing boosting technology, the result will end your modem 1000% faster than before!