In the past few years, SkyLam Software has developed many solutions for many Canadian Education Institute and Small Businesses.  Included below are some of our works and services we have done volunteerly


Microsoft MSDN Technical Helper
We volunteered to answer questions from other MSDN members.  From time to time, we learn a lot of new technical information by answering others questions.



Dave Chalk's Technical Helper
Dave Chalk's is a TV show in Canada.  We have been selected to join their group of technical helpers.  Our main job is to provide technical answers in an easy-to-understand manner for computer beginners who may have questions about a certain area of computing.



3com Palm Developers
Since the introduction of the Palm hand-held device, we have been studying about what the users need and what they hate.  We always provide new idea for small Palm developer about software that they could produce to make Palm a more effective device.



High School Website Design
We are always glad to help educational organization.  We help develop and maintain a number of high school homepages from the York Region Board of Education in Canada.